A school where you belong!

Al-Jamiatul Islamiyah presents a special environment where society, spirituality and …. ferments; the House.

Our boarding is defined by the strength of our community in the House where everyone is committed to collective success. Trust lies at the centre of that community and we expect our pupils to offer unconditional support to their peers.

They are the heart of the School; the term-time home of our pupils where they forge the closest friendships. The sense of belonging inspires confidence, allows problems to be resolved and develops strong social skills

Boarders are channeled to become









Housemasters work closely with the staff to ensure boarders are well supported in their educational needs as well as their welfare and pastoral needs.. The Housemaster organises the Student Council where in Boarders and Non Boarders views and opinions are listened to . The Housemasters proactively make a point to follow up on the students views and improve the living standards and personal welfare.

Senior pupils also offer support to the younger ones, whether by helping them to find their way around, playing games with them or assisting them with ‘Prep’.

The Housemasters also buddy the New Year 7 boys with an existing student. This buddy scheme is developed so the existing students make the newcomers feel welcome and assist them settle.

Our Pastoral Team

Welcome To  Our Pastoral Team

Our Pastoral Team

Housemaster Juniors:

Maulana Luqman Saheb

Housemaster Seniors:

Maulana Khalid Saheb

Pastoral Care Manager:

Maulana Talha Saheb


Darul Uloom Uniform:
  • White Jubbah or white kurta & izaar
  • White topee
  • Plain black cardigan (with Darul Uloom logo) Optional, Recommended
  • Black socks (Recommended)
PE Uniform:
  • White T-shirt
  • Navy blue jogging bottoms
  • Any types of clothing deemed against the ethos of Darul Uloom are prohibited.

Tuck Shop

This tuck shop gives students easy access to most of their needs including snacks and refreshments as well as toiletries. One important factor that ought to be known is that all the products are being sold at an extremely low prices. Any small amount of profit which is made is directly reinvested into buying new stock as well as providing larger variety of stock. The tuck shop is located in front of the library.

Student Kitchen

A Student Kitchen is available for the boarding students. The kitchen is supervised and opening and closing times are clearly displayed.

Student Bank

It is recommended that students hand in all valuables and money to the administration office for safe keeping. Students will have access to the student bank twice a week (Mondays and Fridays) during morning break.

Phone Booth

In order to provide sufficient and satisfactory facilities for students to contact parents, family and friends, we have provided a phone-room for our students. The phone-room consists of two telephone cubicles for the Senior Boarding students and four cubicles for the Junior Boarding students. Students can use the phones with adequate privacy during the prescribed times. Students are advised to take care of this facility, treat the booths with respect and be courteous towards fellow students. Students can purchase a calling card from the tuck shop and communicate with family and friends at a very nominal rate depending on their destination. Students can make phone calls at the following times: MONDAY TO FRIDAY 4:30pm – 6:00pm 8:00pm – 10:00pm SATURDAY 2:30pm – 5:00pm 8:00pm – 10:00pm SUNDAY 10:00am – 5:00pm
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