Uniform and Personal Appearance

All students at Jamiah are expected to dress smartly according to Sunnah. It is
compulsory that students wear the uniform; a white cap, a plain white Qurta and
white Shalwar (trousers). Students are permitted to wear a plain black sweater in class without any
large motifs or hoods.

Student Discipline and Conduct

Jamiah aims to create an environment that is supportive and mutually respectful. All students are expected to be courteous and considerate towards staff and peers, being cognisant of
the consequences of their actions.

Jamiah does not tolerate bullying nor harassment of others and considers the welfare of students as paramount.

All our School Policies

If you are interested in viewing more policies  and procedures of our school, please do not hesitate to call the school office on 01204 62622 or alternatively by email  info@boltondarululoom.org.uk