As you know, students of school-age must, by law, attend school regularly.

Al Jamiatul Islamiyyah wants every child to achieve the best they can in a safe environment.

Children need to be in school regularly and on time. However if you feel unwell you must seek permission from a member of staff to visit your Housemaster. After an assessment is made, if you are not fit enough to continue with your lessons, a phone call will be made to the doctor to see you at the surgery.  If the doctor feels you are medically fit to stay in the school then fine. However, if the doctor makes a medical decision that your resting at home will be better. We will listen to the doctors medical decision and act upon it. We will call your parents/guardian to arrange collection.

If you are a commuter and fall ill, Your Housemaster will call home for your parent/guarding to arrange collection.

You must never leave the school without permission from admin office. If you need to bring medicine to Darul Uloom you must inform the Medical officer immediately and hand it in. For the boarding students our in-house surgery is provided by Dr.S Naseef.