Al Jamiatul Islamiyyah is a home away from home for boarders and provides supportive links between the School, the boarders and parents. In addition to addressing boarders’ physical needs and their requirements for security and safety, the school seeks to contribute to its pupils’ development in terms of their confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness.

We have a dedicated team consisting of Housemasters and Pastoral care officer.

Housemaster for Junior boarders (age  11-15)

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Housemaster for  Senior boarders (age 16+)

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Pastoral care Manager.

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They give individual guidance and care to students at Al-Jamiatul Islamiyah alongside staff and supervisors. Each floor has a senior mentor whose first priority is the welfare of the students. The supervisors also meet regularly with the Housemasters to oversee the development and well-being of each student.

Our boarding provision is evaluated against the regulations set out in the National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools, under the inspection framework of the Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED). We also evaluate the quality of our boarding provision on an on-going basis.